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Hey you! Chances are you've listened to Love is a Verb podcast and you know the message...

"Our stories are life lessons we learn along the way and they may help someone listening right now, where you get to be the light at the end of the tunnel."

If you've been getting inspired, motivated and ready to take action in your life but are having a difficult time applying some of personal growth techniques and spiritual practices our guests have used, then you are in the right place!

I know how hard it is to be inspired and still have self-destructive behaviors. If you've felt like a good person with a positive world vision but still:


  • Have negative self-talk playing in your head every day, all day.
  • Sabotage relationships with your friends or romantic suitors.
  • Are drained early evening & take forever to get going in the morning.
  • Feel so fat, uglyout of shape you won't set foot in a gym.
  • Aren't taken seriously & feel like people walk all over you.
  • Scared of being broke, not making it & feeling like you never have enough.
  • Not fulfilled in your work & know you could be doing more.





I felt all those feelings, #allthefeelings!

As a child I learned great pain, fear and victimization from my mom's stalker. I learned manipulation and never being good enough by living in a split home. I learned inflicting violence on my body by creating an eating disorder kept me feeling congruent with feelings of sadness. I learned how to prove I was good enough to boyfriends. I learned how to prove to myself I was good enough by becoming a business owner.

Up until 2015 everything I've ever done was to finally feel lovable and that I was actually loving.

In 2006 I first watched the movie, The Secret. It was my first introduction to the scientific Law of Attraction that I could change my life by changing my thoughts. It was a bumpy road because although I was "inspired" and "motivated" to "do" law of attraction I had such negative belief systems that I struggled.

I've read books, attended seminars, spoken with therapists and experts, but nothing made sense until I understood how to break my old thinking patterns and create new ones to support the new me that I longed to be.

That's why I can help you

I don't want you to take 10 years or even 1 year to understand you can change, you can shed the "bad stuff" that happened to you, so you can feel good and do great things. You were meant to do great things because YOU are a great soul. You are soul who has a body. You. Are. Great!

If you want to transform, let's do it together!

In eight weeks I'll help you be your own teacher so you can live the life you dream of. Eight weeks will be an awesome foundation that you can build upon for years to come. Eight weeks is just the beginning! The goal is to lay a new foundation you can keep evolving from.

Here's what you get in our 8-week Coaching Package:

  • Weekly 40-minute phone or skype calls (8 total)
  • Weekly email with homework assignment based on previous phone call and prepping for the following call
  • Weekly focuses on the six steps to lasting change
  • Daily gratitude practice to collapse the most painful experiences of your life so they no longer hurt you
  • Daily ritual and habit creation to serve the new you

Here's the breakdown of each week:

  • Week 1: Creating a new identity, who you want to be. We'll create a vision for your new self and new life.
  • Week 2: Breaking old habits, the ones keeping you stuck. We'll disrupt the things you do every day that keep you feeling bad.
  • Week 3: Creating new habits, ones that will support the vision you have of yourself. This is a critical step & one that has to be practiced consistently.
  • Week 4: Focusing imagination, another name for Law of Attraction. We'll create purposeful images of what you want to have happen, not what has happened or what you are afraid of.
  • Week 5: Role modeling, so you have a reference. This is fun! You get to pick the favorite parts of people in your life or in the media to use as an example of the area in your life you want to grow in.
  • Week 6: Taking risks, it's time to put into action what you've created for yourself!
  • Week 7: Review, breaking the first phase of conquering the fear of "will this really work?"
  • Week 8: Celebration, review and redirection. YAY! You did it & let's see what worked really well in week 7 and adjust where accordingly.

What about gratitude though?

So glad you asked! Gratitude is essential to getting over the bad stuff. You can't get over the bad stuff without a thankful heart towards it. The bad stuff that has happened to you, or is happening to you right now is helping you seek out a deeper level of your soul.


The deeper you go, the more fulfilled you will be almost all the time. Sounds like a crazy fantasy, huh? I know. If I didn't have gratitude for always being negatively compared to each one of my parents by the other side of the family I'd never have sought ways to be independent or be comfortable being alone.

If my dad had been sticky-sweet and made me feel 110% loved no matter what, I would have rinsed and repeated. Got married, had kids and worked. Instead, I sought ways to understand and feel loved.

I could keep going, and I will when we are working together privately. You picking up what I am putting down though? If I had it "easy" or never been hurt by the people closest to me I would not be who I am today.


I Am Grateful! And you can be too! This transformation is available to you too! If you know you want to work together go directly to the checkout with the paypal link below, it's just one payment of $595. If you aren't ready to commit or want to discuss payment plans let's talk first! I know scary this might be! You can schedule a phone or skype call with me here at

Refund Policy: You can submit a request for a refund within two weeks of purchase. Refunds are issued only if homework assignments and phone/zoom calls are completed. The program only works if you do!