Smash The Scale

Walk into the gym with confidence, learn sustainable food choices & experience a physical transformation that lasts.

Go from:

  • Not knowing what exercises are best and how to do them
  • Depriving yourself from all your favorite foods
  • Good days & bad days dictated by the number on the scale
  • Overwhelm with all your goals & not knowing where to start
  • Rewarding yourself with bad food for a job well done
  • Eating the house because you're stressed, sad or angry
  • Hating what you see in the mirror
  • Feeling bad because someone looks better than you


  • Walking into the gym with confidence because you know what to do
  • Burning your off-limits food list
  • Strong self-esteem regardless of what the scale says
  • Habit swapping to make goal achievement a cinch
  • No longer using food as a reward or punishment system
  • Being the boss of your emotions so you don't self-sooth with food
  • Having gratitude for the only body you'll ever have
  • Knowing your worth
  • Private Facebook group, go here to join
  • Daily motivation
  • Daily action habits
  • Weekly Zoom calls, they will be recorded & stored
  • Weekly real-time follow-along workout
  • Weekly workout plan for home, gym or travel
  • Recipes & cooking shortcuts
  • Food supplementation protocal (not required)
  • Participate
  • Give it your all, even if your all is 80%
  • Encourage others
  • Be kind
  • Invite others to travel with you on your journey
  • Trust the process
  • Have fun
  • Let "stuff" come up & allow us to help you through

End dieting, learn how to eat - EVERYTHING


Shortcut meal prep & eat while busy with supplementation

Body Image

Break the hot & cold relationship you have with your scale


Cook & bake delicious food that feels off-limits


We are not made to be solo creatures, your friends here are an invaluable resource

Lifestyle Transformation

Mindset shift about your life to create a physical transformation

Weekly Zoom

You can join Smash The Scale at anytime and jump in where we are, the more the merrier! Official 30-day challenges are as follows: