Pilates Barbell Club

Why Pilates & Weights?

As women, we’re often brainwashed into thinking skinny is sexy, weights make you bulky and Pilates is the only way to work your core.

For a year, I found myself angry about the marketing of Pilates — the idea that after just 30 sessions, women would walk out of the studio with a svelte ballerina-esque physique.

And then I realized that with my background in Pilates and strength training, this was a "problem" I could solve, and transform women’s lives in the process.

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How It All Began

Pilates Barbell Club was actually the name of my gym in Old Town Pasadena. It was a wonderful place where women of all walks of life, all ages and all capabilities came to lift weights, break a sweat and stretch.

My system was (still is) simple, get strong and flexible, mentally and physically. Take the best of high-level training and watch the body and mind transform.

PBC5X7® is a validation of sorts to the importance of strength and flexibility.

At various points in the exercise world, saying the word “stretching” led to active debate. Should we or shouldn't we? Before or after? This debate lead me to extensive research and interviews of fitness professionals and kinesiologists. I found that dynamic stretching showed better physical outcomes than static stretching.

Dynamic doesn’t mean the ballistic, bouncing movement of the 1980s “let’s get physical” craze — it simply means that one part of the body is moving while the other is staying in one position.

Mat Pilates is dynamic stretching. Focusing on the motion that is most frequently missing from fitness programs — and therefore, the source of most injuries — rotational, or as it’s sometimes called, three-dimensional movement, I scoured through the original Mat Pilates syllabus and nailed down seven exercises for the transverse plane. (yet another name for it!)

To those exercises, I added the five major lifts (bench press, overhead press, back squat, dead lift and the clean) to create PBC5X7® — a program that unites two very different industries to make women functionally strong and flexible. It covers everything — from traditional strength training to kettlebells and Pilates, all organized around a clear and simple program.

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What's included

With every coaching program you sign up for you'll get a PBC5X7® strength and flexibility program based on your goals, tools you have available. We will meet each week online via zoom or skype or a simple phone call for 30 minutes each week to touch base and reassess.

Results you can expect:

Hours on the elliptical are a thing of the past. If you use the google you'll find article after article and finally in most fitness magazines you'll see more information that lifting weights yields a greater reward than sweating it out.

Here are a few reasons why, with PBC online coaching, you'll stay away from anything with an electrical cord:

  • Strength training grows muscle, muscle shapes, tones and "shrink wraps" all our jiggly bits.
  • Strength training makes our bones more dense. Buh-bye osteoporosis!
  • Strength training raises our metabolism for 24-48 hours after our workout! (treadmills just burn calories in the moment!)
  • Strength training improves self-esteem because we build confidence in what we are physically capable of!
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Pilates for flexibility & stability:

Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates, he called in Body Contrology, meaning to have control of one's body. There are over 500 exercises and over 10 pieces of equipment. Most widely recognized is the reformer, created to "reform the body."

The exercises included in the PBC5X7® workout were picked specifically to integrate the entire body in every plane of motion.

You will:

  • Twist
  • Bend Sideways
  • Stabilize with the entire side of your body, one side at a time
  • Flex & extend the spine
  • Strengthen and stretch all abdominal muscles

Online Personal Training is NOT:

  • It's not a pricey hourly rate.
  • It's not a waste of money with a trainer more occupied with their reflection than you.
  • It's not a bootcamp-yell-at-you-until-you-break workout.
  • It's not for people with zero fortitude who need to be punished to show up.

How We Work Together:

We'll start off with an intake session to assess where you are physically and mentally and where you want to go - mentally and physically. After that I will write you a custom workout program that incorporates mindset exercises as well as physical exercises. I'll send you links to instructional videos so you know exactly how to do each exercise. You'll also get a weekly email to focus on one area of life each week; the more we reduce stress and mental fatigue in all areas of life, the better you'll be able to get physical results!


In addition to all that we will meet online via zoom, skype or phone to check in.


It's For:

  • Women who don't have a flexible enough schedule to commit to a training time with a personal trainer.
  • Women who are super busy and have to workout at odd hours.
  • Women who are on somewhat of a tight budget.
  • Women who are ready to take ownership in their results.

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