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Hey #lovelcub! 


I am so excited you are here. I struggled for years trying to grasp what love means, energy highs and lows and feeling totally trapped by my fears, my job and my body image.




I had a nervous breakdown in 2010 and went through some major self-development to work through my childhood's a quickie of the events I sifted through to be the woman I am today:



  1. One of my first memories is of my Dad and maternal Grandmother in a physical altercation.
  2. My parents divorced when I was three years old.
  3. My Mom had a stalker when I was nine years old.
  4. I had crazy recurring nightmares because of him (stalker).
  5. He (stalker) had my cat stolen and tortured by a friend while he was in prison.
  6. I broke ties with my Dad at eleven years old and then had an off/on relationship with him for from nearly 18yo-present. (we are off right now)



I was living with a terminally ill Step-Grandmother at the time of my nervous breakdown. I worked morning, afternoon and evening at the gym as a trainer. I worked out up to three-hours per day to get ready for a bikini competition. I was on an incredibly low-calorie, low-carbohydrate, low-fat diet. And to boot I was in a toxic long-distance relationship.

I broke down.

I slept for about a week solid. I stayed at my brother and sister-in-law's house for a month and then, I got my own place.



I took 6-months to:

  1. Mourn my pitiful situation.
  2. Take up cognitive behavioral therapy.
  3. Work as little as possible.
  4. See my family as little as possible (since I had to heal childhood stuff).
  5. Play as much as possible.
  6. Eat whatever I wanted.
  7. Strength train 3x/week.
  8. Re-program my subconscious mind with positive affirmations.



So, I feel you. When I say I understand it's because I truly know what it feels like to be in the gutter looking up thinking, "How will I ever get out of this."


But you know what???


Looking UP is the first step! 


I felt worthless, like a loser. I felt broken and helpless. I wasn't. I know that now. Neither are you. No matter what it is that you are going through or what you have put yourself through, it's time to make a change!


Continue looking up, have faith! Love yourself and let me love you! 




Grab my Three Simple Steps To Increasing Love, Energy and Freedom today!


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