Hi, I'm Lauren!


I host Love is a Verb podcast. In my 17 years experience in fitness I've learned people (women especially) need more than diet and exercise to have a physical transformation.

That realization lead me to explore mindset and spirituality not only to better serve my clients, but also heal my issues with loathing my body, my personality, my life - myself.

I've learned all we are and all we have yet to be is based on our thinking. Those thoughts that are on replay that cause us to sabotage our good intentions of eating healthier and exercising, of being kinder to ourselves and others, of trying to be positive amidst uncertainty.

My goal is to help you create new habits that will transform your mind and body with tools you can use and habits that make success automatic.

Think of it this way - you do a TON of things that don't support you automatically. Over-working yourself, over-eating, under-eating, not setting boundaries with people, being stressed out about current affairs.

You can flip the script and make NEW habits that will automatically take you in the opposite direction. The direction you've been trying to go, but failing at sustaining.

When I work with my clients we begin from the inside out to create lasting change:

No diets.

No dogmatic exercise programs.

No ridiculously intense exercise programs.

No manipulation to keep you dependent.

I help women master their mindset so they create a lifestyle that supports who they really want to be. I help them implement new belief systems that allow them to achieve their physical transformations with ease and grace.

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