How is this course delivered?

We'll be meeting each and every week for six weeks. In addition to that, you'll also get a weekly email and daily accountability in our private facebook group.


Who is this course right for?

Women ready for lasting change, not a 21-day fix. 

Women ready to create a new vision, no longer willing to be trapped by what life has handed them.

Women ready to practice habits that support the new vision, knowing that change happens little by little for the long haul.


Who is this course not right for?

Women who want a new program that will finally work this time. You must do the work in the program to have the program work.

Women who “have tried everything” for just one week. This is about lasting change and lasting change is a lifetime of growth, not 7 days.

Women who want to follow a “one size fits all” eating plan. While you may lose weight, inches or pounds of fat, this is not a fat-loss program.

When does the course start?

Monday, February 13

Monday, May 15

Monday, August 14

Monday, November 13

How much does it cost?


Early bird to first 5 women: $110


I know starting a new program can be really scary! Email me at with any questions you might have about this or any program I offer 🙂

Week 1

Identifying where we are & creating new vision for ourselves

Week 4

Gratitude: Using E.G.S, G.P.S, P.T.G and Catch & Release techniques

Week 2

Breaking up with old habits & creating new ones

Week 5

Nutrition: Ending yo-yo dieting, all or nothing mindset

Week 3

Turning envy into inspiration & proactive growth

Week 6

Fitness: Getting started & fine tuning your routine


February 13 - March 26

(doors re-open in May)

Daily Accountability

Private FB group (lifetime access)

Weekly Zoom

Slides, handouts, homework, QnA, community

Weekly Email

Insights, tools, techniques and homework

This is the first time doors open to this brand new coaching program! I can't wait to share with you all I have learned through experience and professional training so that you can truly create lasting change in your life by improving your health and energy!

You don't need any fancy food or gym equipment, just a willing mind to make some shifts in how you approach your body and eating habits.

We'll be going really deep into:

  • How you got where you are today
  • How we can get you where you want to go
  • Letting go of old habits and ways of doing things that are keeping you stuck
  • Creating new habits and ways of doing things to make you who you want to be
  • Personal training coaching without the personal trainer (you become your own!)
  • Fast track to fat loss that doesn't require gimmicks

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