It's time to eat like a boss.

Hi, I'm Lauren.

I'm the founder of #eatlikeaboss which is a 7 step process to help women master their mindset, increase confidence and break free from yo-yo dieting & compulsive eating.

Let me share with you how I am able to do this.

I've always known my purpose was to help women become strong and flexible in their mind and body.


This realization happened in the midst of a nervous breakdown - I knew after I learned the lesson I’d share it with women just like me.

I was so successful at helping women make this transformation in their mind and body that I opened a boutique women-only gym in 13 months. (that was in 2012)

However, it was when I discovered choosing love & growth was the key to true transformations was when everything changed for me.

I learned how to use negative people and events in my life as a source of empowerment,

how to create a new vision for my life,

create new beliefs that support the new me,

unique habits that work for my lifestyle and goals,

and best of all, a positive attitude that energizes me to be fully engaged in my life and FINALLY END OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE OVEREATING.

My vision for the women of the world is to own “our shit” process it and become internally motivated so that we don’t reach for too much food, too much booze, too many prescriptions and too much work.

Even better, my system teaches women how to create morning and evening routines that create a new positive mindset to support their fitness and nutrition endeavors.

I've implemented this system on myself, clients, friends and even Love is a Verb podcast listeners and it's totally unique to what all the "life coaches" say to do!

As an Eat Like A Boss mentor I’m going to help you find the answers within yourself, you don’t have to adopt “my way” or an “only way.” Together we will uncover the thoughts, feelings and actions that are keeping you reaching for food to finally move forward in all areas of your life.

Maybe you are already doing a fitness and nutrition program that is working for you, but still feel there's a gap that could make it easier.

Maybe you're not the woman who wants to get on the latest diet plan and workout craze, crashing your metabolism (with each green juice you down!) and getting zero aesthetic results after sweating your butt off for an hour a day!

And, maybe you are fit & lean, but still eat a ton of junk and your energy is zapped all the time.

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place!

It's exactly the place I started (yes, all those have been me!) when I finally understood choosing love and growth was key to EVERYTHING I was able to eat more, become more, do more and build a ton more confidence in myself.

If you are a woman who wants to learn more about how you can implement my system for yourself, take the survey below. If I think you'd benefit from my system I will be in touch!