Lauren Herrera is your down to earth, potty mouth, tell-it-like-it-is fitness & lifestyle coach that will always uplift your spirits and provide real-world ways to get results.

An entrepreneur since she was 15, captivating and hilarious speaker, life coach & brand development expert, Lauren's genius is helping women remember the fullness of who they are, let go of limiting beliefs and become their next level.

Lauren is the host of the worldwide podcast, Love is a Verb and Program Coordinator of Growth-U.

Her coaching and speaking teach women how to physically transform, letting go of binging & perfectionist tendencies to lead a fit lifestyle with ease.

Lauren collects mindset hacks from religion, spirituality, physics and psychology to help any woman make the ambiguous "mindset change."

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Are you stuck and you don't know where to start?

March 7, 2015 I was banging on my mom's neighbor's door at 7ish in the morning. My keys were missing and my mom didn't want to be without her car for the day. That left me with asking a man who is like a father to me to use his car.

I didn't know he had barely fallen asleep after a flight from Germany.

He opened the door, "Hey! I'm sorry to wake you up, I lost my keys, my mom won't let me use her car, I need one of your cars, can I have a car? I'm so sorry!"

He was irritated and he handed me a set of keys.

I raced of to LAX where the day-long workshop was being held.

I arrived frazzled, stressed and probably looked like a deer caught in headlights.

I knew I was supposed to be there, I knew I was going to get a lot out of it, but I had NO IDEA what it was. All I knew was that it was a "gift."

The week prior I had just moved all the equipment out of my gym, Pilates Barbell Club. I closed the doors and submitted to "failure." I was exhausted. I was numb. I felt empty. And that day I knew I felt empty and that day I knew I was going to get new information that would change the direction of my life.

L and R

The gift was a day with Rod Hairston and Tonia Revere of Growth-U

I was gifted a special day learning about mindset and habits through Isagenix. They were doing some research about mindset and how it contributes to getting and maintaining results. About 140 or so Isagenix product users were invited to a few events across North America. Our businesses and lives were observed to see just what types of changes we'd make in our personal and professional lives.

Ya, I was thinking the same thing...WHAT A GIFT!?

Rod and Tonia used colorful stories, timeless principles and real-world applications to universal laws like karma, attraction and focus. It made all the spiritual and positive thinking books make sense because I could see how my thoughts were just patterns keeping me stuck.

And I broke boards! In three...hello powerwoman! (That's what we called ourselves at Pilates Barbell Club)

After the event we committed to 45 days of proactive growth.

Transform-U: 45 Days to Successful Habits is my favorite program, maybe because it was my first? I don't know. It helped me understand why I couldn't break free from the past and it helped me create a new future.

Each day I logged into a secure website, watched an Advisor video about an area of life or psychology principle, answered questions in the prompted fields (it's secure, no one can read what I wrote) along with writing in my paper journal.

It felt like the gates of heaven were opening up! So many painful memories were healed. So many questions were answered. And - I felt whole. More whole than I have ever felt. More alive. More ready for the next chapter of my life!

Three months later I had an epiphany

It was the first time using a zinc sunscreen on our annual family river trip to Needles, AZ. My face was painfully swollen, itchy and fried. I spent three days inside our RV with the air conditioning blasting! There was nothing to do but read, write and scroll instagram.

I came across a quote that said, "Love can heal the world, but first we must each have the courage to fully love ourselves."

It's so simple now that I look at it again, but at the time and even almost two years into "professionally" exploring love on the podcast, understanding love; that I was loving and lovable was still something I didn't feel connected to.

...back to the RV, after reading the quote I jumped to my laptop and posted in several business groups looking for people who'd want to be interviewed about self-love:

Does it mean self-care like combing your hair and brushing your teeth?
Does it mean a deeper sense of spirituality?
Does it mean you have extremely high standards and high self esteem?

And how has loved changed you?
How has your life transformed since you realized loving yourself was essential to life?
How are you the change you wish to see in the world?

I was open to everyone's interpretation of love because up until that point I only associated love with hearts, flowers and romance movies. That didn't appeal to me because I thought  being strong and independent were more important than what I thought love is.

I thought, if there is just one person out there that thinks love is for the weak, like I did and they heard about love in a way that made sense to them and they could heal their life, then I did a really good thing for the world.

I was pumped! Over 140 people replied with a "hell yes, I have a love story!" within five hours. Yes, within five hours people from around the world said yes - it's time to talk about love.

It was enough people to create a daily podcast show and as instantly as I knew I had to talk about love I had another bubbling of inspiration.

The divine infinite intelligence that created all things, who's same power runs through each and every person, animal and plant gave me all the information I needed to create the podcast in one flash.

I knew I could do it.
I could see myself hosting interviews.
I saw inspirational affirmation card decks.
I saw planners and journals.
I saw events.
I saw a movement.

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Love is a Verb podcast

Is listened to in 134 countries and has been downloaded over 297,000 times!

What's really amazing this podcast is this: From March to June, when I had the idea, I meditated every day that I was a little iPhone icon sitting in Southern California on a globe.

I envisioned my love like a slow rolling flame covering the planet. It rolled over swamps, forests, the ocean - everything. And then, once I could see it cover the entire planet I envisioned love, abundance and experiences coming back to me.

When podcasting became a "thing" in my mind that I could do I sat in awe and gratitude over the power of the Universe, of God, of Source Energy.


Do you want to make a difference?

The day I thought of the podcast is fully attributed to being open to Source Energy. I have said from the very beginning it wasn't really my idea, I was merely lucky enough to hear it from God.

The only reason I was able to hear it was because each day I put in the reps to connect to Source Energy (God) with daily meditation, deliberately choosing love and growth and implementing new habits in every day life.

The only reason I had any of those tools was because of Growth-U.

So, if you are feeling like you have so much more to offer the world, your colleagues, your friends, your family, yourself, but still struggle every day with just the basics of positive thinking then click the link below to see which program is best for you!

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