404: How to build an AFFILIATE based BUSINESS

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This is a super special episode about the business model of Arego Life. Episode 403 is the scientist of a new natural, non-habit forming product that regulates serotonin.

If YOU suffer from any of the negative experiences below, definitely go back and listen to how it works.

If you have a community that would benefit from this product or you want to build a business without being a slimy network marketer, listen to this episode!

If you or someone you know suffers from:

Falling asleep
Low sleep efficiency
Low sleep quality
Frequent wakes at night
Low REM sleep

…Share this episode!

If you want to:

Improve sleep
Manage your mood
Boost immune function
Improve brain function
Improve sexual function
Improve skin health
Improve relaxation
Support fat metabolism
Slow aging

schedule an inquiry call with me at https://calendly.com/laurenherrera/arego-life-inquiry

or if you want to order ASAP:


  1. Enroll Today blue button on left side of picture
  2. Write “Lauren Herrera” in the box for “Who referred you to us?”
  3. Order the pack you want to get started with; there are 3 options

or you can watch this 30 minute presentation. 1/2 is about the product & 1/2 is about the business. https://app.skipio.com/-aixqyv

Check out this episode!

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