388: EMBODIED WEEK 6: Rachel McGowen: How a romantic break-up was the catalyst to dive into self-love, break body insta-image issues and learn how to fill herself up without binge eating

EMBODIED week 6: These three upcoming episodes are here for us to understand how to use Law of Attraction and purposeful manifestation to transform our bodies. Physical transformation is not solely diet & exercise and we’ll explore why! Every other week we’ll alternate between an interview of a fitness friend who has had an experience that could have destroyed her and how she learned to love herself through her body.

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Our Topics Today:

Rachel McGowan is the own of Soul Chaser Coaching, an online healthy lifestyle business for busy women who want to lose 20+ lbs in 12 weeks and build a balanced and healthy lifestyle for long term success. Her clients have given her purpose through building strong relationships and cultivating love and peace together. Rachel never knew what self love was up until a couple of years ago. She’s discovered the infinite power that self love holds and wants to bring this light around the world. Finally, she loves to lift in the gym because It is her safe haven. 

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