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Sharon Hughes is the creator of Launch Your Creativity, a breakthrough coach and the author of The Girl in the Garage, the true story of radical healing by a radical God. In her book she shares her story of being drugged at a Halloween party and waking up in a garage. Sharon shares what she learned about healing, faith and the 3 steps she used to get out if the proverbial garage.

Sharon’s story is extraordinary. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve met and so passionate about sharing with others hope after sexual assault.

One of the things that always seemed strange to me about “believing in” law of attraction and vibrational energy, think “high vibes only” t-shirts, is that we’ll put faith in the system when things are going well or we are on climbing a mountain, but when in the valley or in Sharon’s case, the garage – we shrug our shoulders when atrocities occur, claiming they can’t be explained.

So, I asked Sharon if she thought she was energetically responsible for the occurrence. More so that her vibration matched the perpetrator and therefore the event happened.

I think you will be enlightened by her response as much as I was.

Love Round

  1. In what way do you practice the most amount of self-love?
    1. Apply grace liberally and often!
  2. In what way do you struggle in giving yourself love?
    1. Not giving myself enough grace.
  3. What has you most excited right now?
    1. The big shame that held me doesn’t hold me anymore
  4. What was holding you back from loving yourself?
    1. The lie that I wasn’t worthy of being loved
  5. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
    1. Believing a lie is just as powerful as believing the truth
  6. Share a resource that has helped you love wholeheartedly.
    1. Brene Brown books!



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