373: ENOUGHness: Why hating sales people and envying other women BLOCKS MONEY from your bank account

373: ENOUGHness: Why hating sales people and envying other women BLOCKS MONEY from your bank account

This month we’re exploring the ENOUGHness of self and how it shows up in our bank account & scale.

In this episode we’ll dive into our cultural programming that has turned us off to sales how hating salespeople repels our financial success. I share some of my breakthroughs in my personal and professional life where I am exploring where I can build more of an “I am MORE than enough!”

3 Tips to Create Change:

  • Observe your feelings about sales people. If you hate sales people and think they ALL are manipulators then you will unconsciously think YOU are all those things you hate, which in turn will repel financial success for you! Solution: Reframe what it is to be a sales person, not what culture has lead you to believe it is.
  • If you envy women; their riches, lifestyles and possessions flip it and imagine those things and experiences are yours. Don’t pretend to BE her, pretend to have the life she has. If you project envy onto someone you will have more things, people and experiences to be envious of! (Law of Attraction) Discipline your imagination because the brain doesn’t know what’s real or imagined and eventually, depending on the amount of resistance you have to the vision, it will come into your life. (Law of Attraction)
  • If you measure your worth based on money; how much you have or don’t have and top it off with
    • “I’ll be happy when I make ‘x’ amount of money.”
    • “I’ll be happy when I get the job.”
    • “I’ll be happy when I get the rank advancement.”
  • You’ll always be keeping the cash away from you because of “when.” The key is to happily achieve, not achieve to be happy. If you are happy and grateful for as much as possible as often as possible Law of Attraction will bring the money to you! It’s just energy and it will flow where it’s focused!

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