371: My Guest Spot on EO Fire: A real world approach to unraveling anger and resentment to ignite your business with Lauren Herrera

371: My Guest Spot on EO Fire: A real world approach to unraveling anger and resentment to ignite your business with Lauren Herrera

3 Key Points:
Your unconscious plays a role in your everyday life — learn how to involve it.
Make impacting people part of your goals.
Love and heal yourself first.

Some highlights

– Share something we don’t know about your area of expertise that as Entrepreneurs, we probably should: The unconscious is responsible for everything that’s happening

– Worst Entrepreneurial Moment: In February 28, 2015, Lauren’s gym closed for running out of money. It was leading up to that when she saw their financials August the year prior but she didn’t know how to change things. EOFire was the podcast she listened to episode after episode hoping that she’ll pass through the tough times too

– Have hope that impacting a person will be worth the work and the effort you put into something you started

“You’ve done it once, you can do it again”

– Entrepreneurial AH-HA Moment: When Lauren’s gym closed, she listened to EOFire and meditated every day. She envisioned herself radiating love around the world and the love radiating back to her. One day. She found an Instagram photo — it was from the account of the person who Lauren discovered JLD on. The photo said, “Before we can love and heal the world, we have to love and heal ourselves.” That opened her mind that she was just discovering to love herself then. She posted on Facebook and in hours, 140 people responded. Lauren thought she could start a daily podcast. She paid for Podcasters Paradise through the credit card that just showed up in her mail

– Take a step forward

– Lauren shares about where Love is a Verb Podcast came from

– What is the one thing you are most FIRED up about today? “The clicks in my client’s wins”

– The Lightning Round
What was holding you back from becoming an entrepreneur? – “Nothing”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? – “You did it once, you can do it again”

What’s a personal habit that contributes to your success? – “If feel stuck at any area at all, I run through my head and ask what it my unconscious mind is trying to get”

Share an internet resource, like Evernote, with Fire Nation – MyFlowApp

If you could recommend one book to our listeners, what would it be and why? – The Master Key System – “you have to listen to it according to how he (the author) wrote it”

– Think of what you will feel like when you achieve your goal

20:57 – Connect with Lauren on her website to get a 20-Page Habit Based Living Worksheet (laurenherrera.com/fire)

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