370: The Stressed Achiever and how she makes unrealistic goals that make you binge


Being a little bitch takes time. Being a little bitch is a compilation of really crappy thinking patterns that to your unconscious mind, serve a really good purpose – to keep you just as you are. The only problem is that our conscious mind, or the part of your mind that makes decisions wants to grow. Our mind is literally a battle zone every single day. (For in-depth instruction go to http://www.laurenherrera.com/363)

Both minds want to be in charge.

At Growth-U we have 7 distinct operating systems or patterns our unconscious mind will run when it senses you’re changing or growing. It’s a sabotaging behavior we are unaware of or are aware of but don’t know how to stop. In this and the next  podcast episode I’ll be sharing with you what the patterns are and how you can change them…

I’ll help you put your big girl panties on.

The Stressed Achiever works towards her goals and sets out to accomplish them at all costs. Only problem is, eventually she’ll break and eat everything in sight.


start eating like a boss!

Listen to the episode, share with your friends and let me know how it impacted you!

(This episode was a combination of Growth-U’s Cycle of Performance teaching model and my 18 yrs fitness experience)

More information on Growth-U, teaching models & $50 off Transform-U + free weekly group coaching with me: http://www.laurenherrera.com/growth-u



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