Being a little bitch takes time. Being a little bitch is a compilation of really crappy thinking patterns that to your unconscious mind, serve a really good purpose – to keep you just as you are. The only problem is that our conscious mind, or the part of your mind that makes decisions wants to grow. Our mind is literally a battle zone every single day. (For in-depth instruction go to

Both minds want to be in charge.

At Growth-U we have 7 distinct operating systems or patterns our unconscious mind will run when it senses you’re changing or growing. It’s a sabotaging behavior we are unaware of or are aware of but don’t know how to stop. In this and the next  podcast episode I’ll be sharing with you what the patterns are and how you can change them…

I’ll help you put your big girl panties on.



The Escapist doesn’t want to face reality or admit she’s on a life path that isn’t working – so she numbs out or escapes in food.

For me personally this was one of my most severe patterns that caused me to over eat. So many times When I felt dissatisfied with life, myself and my relationships I ate to fill the void. When I felt stressed from business or responsibilities I’d eat to distract myself from my emotions. This is the pattern I see most women run into and the most relevant to the statement…

It’s not about the food.

When we can dive into our mind, the deepest recesses of our soul, we will find the voids that desire to be filled. And by diving into our mind objectively and with empathy we will be less reliant on escaping through food.


If you:

  • Watch crime dramas or sad tv shows/movies before bed
  • Primarily feel dissatisfied in your relationship(s)
  • Are more aware of things to be dissatisfied than satisfied with

You’ll probably run the escapist pattern pretty often and reach for food to create satisfaction in your life.

Do this:

  • Find 5 things you appreciate about YOURSELF and your LIFE
  • Fill your mind with meditations ( before bed instead of negative tv
  • Look for things all day everyday to appreciate

You’ll make law of attraction work for you, not against you.

Thought proceeds action. If we train ourselves to appreciate our life now, we will attraction more things to appreciate. If we have more and more things to appreciate about our life we will not feel the need to escape through food. Remember, thoughts have mass, what we think about most of the time is our vibration, the frequency at which we attract people and experiences into our life. If we are filling our unconscious mind with negativity before bed we are supercharging our brain to perceive our life in that way. Our mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. It’s also highly suggestible 20 minutes before sleep and after sleep. In order to have a life you don’t want to escape from fill it with things you enjoy!


You know what I’m going to say, pretty soon….

start eating like a boss!

Listen to the episode, share with your friends and let me know how it impacted you!

(This episode was a combination of Growth-U’s Cycle of Performance teaching model and my 18 yrs fitness experience)

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