366: Little Bitch Series: The Certainty Seeker and how she doesn’t even let you try

Being a little bitch takes time. Being a little bitch is a compilation of really crappy thinking patterns that to your unconscious mind, serve a really good purpose – to keep you just as you are. The only problem is that our conscious mind, or the part of your mind that makes decisions wants to grow. Our mind is literally a battle zone every single day. (For in-depth instruction go to http://www.laurenherrera.com/363)

Both minds want to be in charge.

At Growth-U we have 7 distinct operating systems or patterns our unconscious mind will run when it senses you’re changing or growing. It’s a sabotaging behavior we are unaware of or are aware of but don’t know how to stop. In this and the next 6 podcast episodes I’ll be sharing with you what the patterns are and how you can change them…

I’ll help you put your big girl panties on.

A Certainty Seeker doesn’t believe until she sees, which unfortunately is a massive block to transforming.


Seeing before believing is impossible. We must all have a thought before we experience. That’s why people have all different types of experiences of the same factual event.

Needing to know the “how” of getting your results, demanding to have proof of purchase so to speak, is a sure fire way to stop growing and actually SOLIDIFY YOUR STUCKNESS.

When we create a vision or desired outcome to be sexier, leaner, stronger, healthier, more vibrant and energetic we don’t need to know the how.

The how is material and not our job to be an expert in.

Our job is to say, “I want THIS!” and then believe we can do it. As they say, you don’t need to see the whole staircase, just the first step.

When we play the little bitch pattern of Certainty Seeker, refer to ep. 363 for the full overview of the cycle of growth, we are egotistically, small human-minded DEMANDING we understand the great unconscious mind, our creative abilities and potential – God, whatever your higher power is.

We are demanding to know, to be an expert in something we have no expertise in.

I mean, are you a fitness professional?

Have you studied alllllllllllll there is to know in exercise and metabolism?

When we demand to know the HOW we stunt our creativity and we don’t even try. That’s a really sucky place to be. Our conscious mind’s job is to grow. So if we stunt that HUMAN EMOTIONAL NEED, we will become increasingly unhappy.

The pattern on “The Certainty Seeker” is most likely going to show up for you before you see results. It’s going to show up to PREVENT you from getting started.

You’ll stay stuck.

When we play this pattern we are looking for certainty outside ourselves. And certainty from the outside in can be devastating when that foundation of confidence crumbles or even dies.

Ready for your BIG. GIRL. PANTIES?

I’ve actually got 3 pairs for you.

  • First, you must teach YOURSELF that you are your only source of certainty. You are in charge of your life, your decisions and the meaning you give experiences
  • Second, you must discipline your imagination to focus on what you want (belief & faith) not what you don’t want (fear & uncertainty)
  • Third, you must LOVE YOURSELF. And I don’t mean you have to be lovey-dovey, head over heals, you just have to BE NICE and ENCOURAGING to yourself

These 3 panties combined will help you believe in yourself to…

start eating like a boss!

Listen to the episode, share with your friends and let me know how it impacted you!

(This episode was a combination of Growth-U’s Cycle of Performance teaching model and my 18 yrs fitness experience)




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