Being a little bitch takes time. Being a little bitch is a compilation of really crappy thinking patterns that to your unconscious mind, serve a really good purpose – to keep you just as you are. The only problem is that our conscious mind, or the part of your mind that makes decisions wants to grow. Our mind is literally a battle zone every single day. (For in-depth instruction go to

Both minds want to be in charge.

At Growth-U we have 7 distinct operating systems or patterns our unconscious mind will run when it senses you’re changing or growing. It’s a sabotaging behavior we are unaware of or are aware of but don’t know how to stop. In this and the next 6 podcast episodes I’ll be sharing with you what the patterns are and how you can change them…

I’ll help you put your big girl panties on.

A victim makes people and events responsible for their life. As painful as an experience is, that totally warrants being a victim, it doesn’t serve us in the long run towards growth and expansion because we will never be accountable for our own actions.

First, we must be responsible for our thoughts, for they have mass and a vibrational frequency. We must be a vibrational match to perpetrators when we are physically assaulted and harmed. Yes, this even goes for babies and children. Law of Attraction says “like attracts like.” It doesn’t mean we intentionally think about being assaulted, how could we in infancy? It means we must match vibrational energy.

So, if we have a predominately low vibration and we match the low vibration of a perpetrator, we have the event. If you “believe in” law of attraction for the success you seek in your life, you must have your mind open to law of attraction in this negative way as well.

After we become victim in the physical realm our next step is to react or to respond.

We can overeat to the point of obesity to create external certainty that if we are undesirable to a perpetrator we won’t be harmed again we will always yo-yo diet because that reactive unconscious program is running. Or, we can respond. A response would be searching for lessons in the assault.

How did this shape who I am?

What have I learned?

How have I grown because of this event?

What am I grateful for about myself in spite of this event?

Being a victim can show up as being annoyed.

When we make other people responsible for our emotions. “My boss is such a dick…I need girl time to vent.” and proceed to have 4 drinks and 2 high fat, high carb, high calorie appetizers we relinquish our power and our goals to the boss. They become the boss of our life. We don’t hit our goals of weight loss or increasing health, but in a way we are ok with it — because it wasn’t actually our fault.

We think the diet didn’t work.

We say we’ll start again on Monday.

We think it’s the food.

But, it’s the pattern. Our victim pattern keeps us reaching for food to numb out our stress or unconsciously make us appear undesirable.

How do we change this?


You fulfill one of six emotional needs – to be specific…certainty. And you can’t create certainty from the outside in by relying on a person or finances. That will bite you in the ass big time! Your certainty must come from within. It’s your higher power, God, Jesus, Alah, physcology, philosophy, spirituality, universal laws, it’s what you believe in. That’s where your certainty is and grows. So, read a book, go to church, to temple, listen to a podcast, a youtube channel. Immerse yourself in whatever positive, uplifting thing you believe in.

Your certainty will grow.

Your power will grow.

Your accountability will grow.

Your choice will grow.

Your overeating will shrink.

Your compulsive eating will shrink.

Your obsession with meal time will shrink.

You will start eating like a boss.


Listen to the episode, share with your friends and let me know how it impacted you!

(This episode was a combination of Growth-U’s Cycle of Performance teaching model and my 18 yrs fitness experience)


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