Think of this episode like a one on one coaching session all about the struggles you have losing weight.

It’s jam packed with Growth-U’s teaching model, the Cycle of Performance. Below is an overview of words and concepts you’re about to use to supercharge your weight loss!

Cycle of Performance

  • Inception
    • A – attitude is high
    • C – unconsciously incompetent
    • E – effort is high
  • Deception
    • A – attitude drops
    • C – consciously incompetent
    • E – effort drops
  • Transformation
    • A – attitude rises
    • C – consciously competent
    • E – effort rises
  • Identity
    • A – attitude is high
    • C – unconsciously competent
    • E – effort drops


Deception is when your unconscious mind butts heads with your conscious mind – the healthy changes you’re making for weight loss…

this is where the sabotaging behaviors emerge.

Here are 9 common ways you’re deception

– The Victim isn’t bad; she just feels the need to protect herself from the world.

– The Rut Dweller isn’t bad; she just wonders if it’s too late for her to change.

– The Certainty Seeker isn’t bad; she just doesn’t want to step out into uncertainty.

– The Success Seeker isn’t bad; she’s just looking outside herself for something that she already has inside.

– The Pretender isn’t bad; she just doesn’t like who she is and she doesn’t want other people to have to be around the awful person that she thinks he is.

– The Escapist isn’t bad; she just isn’t able to face reality or admit that he’s on a life path that isn’t working.

– The Stressed Achiever isn’t bad; he just thinks that the way to get significance and be happy is to accomplish his goals at all costs.

BONUS Deception Pattern from a fitness pro:

  • The Smooth Operator isn’t bad; she just sees her body’s muscle tone, fat and skin get more defined and she wants to smooth it all out again with overeating.
  • The Filler isn’t bad; she just feels her clothes getting looser and she wants to fill the space with fat again.

6 Ways to supercharge weight loss when deception sets in:

Program your conscious mind by fulfilling your emotional needs in advance so that if the Victim, Rut Dweller, Certainty Seeker, Pretender, Escapist, Stressed Achiever, Smooth Operator or Filler show up – YOU KNOW you’re good, those patterns don’t matter because all your needs are met! Here are the 6 emotional needs. I suggest you journal every day with how you’re 6 needs are met every day. I did this after my neck injury to get the rut dweller and victim pattern to stop.

  • Certainty – A sense of security, safety and comfort in the world
  • Variety – A sense of change, interest and adventure
  • Significance – A sense of uniqueness, individuality and being special
  • Love & Connection – A sense of acceptance, belonging and support
  • Growth – A desire to learn, grow and evolve
  • Contribution – The desire to give to those around us

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