359: How To Manifest MORE by Caring LESS

Manifesting….ahh what do you feel, what do you think when you see that word?

To me it was images of perfectly curated photos of over-brightened pictures of white women with blonde hair that were super rich.

Cannot. Relate. At. All.

Of course I want to manifest ? but not that!

No hate on them, it just didn’t make sense to me and while now I think, “ya – she’s not for me.” I once felt alienated and unworthy of this manifesting game. I’m naturally brunette, shorter, rounder and messy as hell!

In today’s episode I’ll break down what manifest means and why caring about too many things is detrimental to your life’s work.

Buh-bye philanthropy!

I’ll teach you how to put blinders on, why you should put blinders on and how that will actually get you what YOU WANT aaaaaaannnnnndddddd lead to philanthropy?. <- see what I did there. (I reverse engineered it!)

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As promised, here is how this looks in practice:

  • Take 5-10 minutes to free-write your vision, no editing allowed. Write in a state of gratitude for all the cool things you experienced personally, all the professional milestones you hit and all the giving you did for others in the world as if it already happened.

  • Sleep on it or return to your vision after a few hours and distill it down to a one sentence mantra you can memorize and/or easily post anywhere as a reminder.

  • Create 3-5 habits, actions and attitudes YOU at that accomplished vision would do every day. (and do them consistently)

And, some tips and things to remember:

  • The brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real or imagined, so engage your imagination 100%. Imagine foods you’d get to eat, weather you’d vacation in, confidence you’d embody.

  • Thoughts have mass and attract experiences in the material world from the mental world. By “blinding” yourself to current events that are painful to comprehend or just outright negative we shield our life from negative events or painful experiences. (to an extent)

  • The extent: By being so focused on our desired outcomes, our vision we will train our minds to look for solutions vs. problems. In the event something unforeseen does happen we can easily rebound and not fall victim to the event.

  • If we live “as if” using the habits, actions and attitudes of our future successful self we will attract the right people and events to achieve our goals.

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