358: How to leave the BS in 2017 so you can create the life you desire in 2018

Congratulations! You are of the 10% of the entire world that is choosing proactive growth. Did you know most people life by default and reaction? They just “do” live haphazardly thinking that it’s always happening to them?

That’s not you! Congrats!

So how do we leave behind 2017?

We have to stop thinking about the negative events that happened! Or at least we have to stop thinking about them in a negative way. This means that we find the value in the experience so that we appreciate how it helped us become who we are today. If we have appreciation for everything we actually won’t have a negative feeling associated with anything that happened in 2017 and if we don’t have negative associations we won’t bring more negativity into 2018!

Sure, there will always be contrast – ALWAYS. But contrast is a sifting mechanism to discover more of who we are and more of what we want.

The next step in creating the best 2018 possible is to cast a new vision for ourself!

Who do you want to become?

Who is your YOU 2.0?

What do you want to experience?

Who do you want to serve?

What do you want to impact?

Write it down and then use today’s episode to help you feel into it. I’ll teach you about:

The Law of Creation – which says until I take responsibility for everything that has happened or will happen I won’t be able to create the life I desire.

The Law of Belief – which says whatever I certain about and expect to happen will happen.

The Law of Focus – which actually has four parts: What I focus on I find. What I focus on grows. What I focus on seems real. What I focus on I become.

The Law of Attraction – which says whatever I consistently hold in my consciousness I attract in my life.

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