356: Amyra Mondon: Realizing significance was the driving force of self-love and without it, she got lost (and how she established true self-love!)

Amyra Mondon is a dear friend of mine who won a HUGE prize of $25k + brand ambassador for a major network marketing company a few years back. Have you signed up for a physical transformation challenge expecting to “arrive?” This is a must listen to episode for any goal achievement, because once you get there you might be extremely surprised to find it uncomfortable.

Amyra is a powerful, energetic and highly intuitive coach who is obsessed with the power of the Mind. She is passionate about discovering and utilizing our innate power to create and manifest the desires of our hearts. Every day she inspires thousands of people to rise to greatness and live better lives.

You can find Amyra at amyramondon.com

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– Clarity about why you struggle the way you do

– Ability to look at food behavior objectively to end obsession

– More energy & better sleep

– Being triggered less by people who throw you off course

– Less emotional eating

– More confidence working out

– Actually feeling the exercises in the right places

– Confidence through accountability & a coach in your pocket

– Borrowed imagination (faith)

– I ended binge eating, laxative abuse and yo-yo dieting, so if I can do it, you can too!

– Finding answers within, I’m not your guru, I’ll just help you navigate what you already know!

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