355: Retracting to expand, how the restrict and binge cycle starts and how to end it

It’s officially YOU 2.0 launch time!

Typical results:

Clarity about why you struggle the way you do

Ability to look at food behavior objectively to end obsession

More energy & better sleep

Being triggered less by people who throw you off course

Less emotional eating

More confidence working out

Actually feeling the exercises in the right places

Confidence through accountability & a coach in your pocket

Borrowed imagination (faith)

– I ended binge eating, laxative abuse and yo-yo dieting, so if I can do it, you can too!

Finding answers within, I’m not your guru, I’ll just help you navigate what you already know!

Sign up for the waitlist at http://www.laurenherrera.com/2.0 

Doors open for registration Saturday Dec. 30 and close Monday Jan. 1


one payment of $2,964

four payments of $760

twelve payments of $265

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