353: Break the cultural consciousness that the diet industry is bad & cast a new vision for your body

📺 The pop culture consciousness of I Love Lucy is a perfect demonstration of what awareness, belief and habits are. It’s also called collective consciousness and is what’s responsible for our experiences in our personal lives and communities. We’ve learned what to notice, what to like, what to dislike, we’ve been taught what to believe and we’ve fallen into the habits based on those awarenesses and beliefs.

Just look at this time of the year. How many often have you heard someone say, “It’s been so crazy since Thanksgiving,” or “I’ve been eating so much crap, but you know – it only comes once a year and I figure I’ve got all year too worry about dieting.” Seriously – I observe this language everyday and can reflect back on the times I’ve said it.

Here’s where this episode is going to get really interesting really fast:

💜 First, there are only TWO TYPES OF DIETS – ever. That’s it and understanding the components of these two diets are key to which one you’re going to experiment with.

💜 Second, the thoughts we had about our body yesterday are casting the vision for what our body will be tomorrow.

💜 Third, appreciating the diet industry and actually believing it’s awesome will change the cultural belief that you can’t find a diet you can stick with.

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📖 3 Magic Words was published in the 1950s and it’s totally transformative text that takes you from unconscious mind to knowing God/Infinity/Universe fully. I’m in week 5 with a mastermind of about 20 people and all our lives have changed rapidly for the better in the time we’ve been reading and listening to the meditations that go along with each chapter. I’ve been recording them and sending them out each week to my current mastermind.

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Diet detective coaching to learn how to eat sustainably for long term fat loss – this will be 100% individualized to your personal preferences, psychological sensitivities and unique metabolism

Extensive video instruction

Added bonus:

Weekly live zoom calls to discuss 3 Magic Words, progress QnA in all areas of life.

Typical Results:

Clarity about why you struggle the way you do.

Ability to look at food behavior objectively to end obsession

More energy & better sleep.

Being triggered less by people who throw you off course.

Less emotional eating.

More confidence working out.

Actually feeling the exercises in the right places.

Confidence through accountability & a coach “in your pocket” (daily texting)

Borrowed imagination; I’ve ended binge eating, laxative abuse and the dieting rollercoaster, so if I can get through it, you know it’s possible for you.

Finding the answers within, we start with an introspective exercise to find the answers all lie within you, I’m not your guru, I’m just here on the “outside” to help you navigate what you already know.


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