351: How to identify your feelings of envy and judgement about others and how you can fix them (feelings) to end your self-soothing with over eating and over drinking

⁉️Why all the food talk? Well, it’s the season where the majority of us are gaining weight and planning our New Year’s resolutions. My desired outcome this month is to arm you with information to guide you inward to STOP the cycle of overeating during the holidays and self punishment in January!

In this episode we dive inside to understand the feelings of envy and judgement when we are around friends and family that trigger us to overeat.

A few concepts to think of first:

💜 Food is rarely the reason we gain weight, it’s usually because our emotions are so out of control we use food to self-sooth

💜 We can be happy as a clam and gain weight this holiday season for the simple fact that we are eating more than usual (however this is not likely the reason you’re gaining weight)

💜 Envy is an emotion we have when we see something we want that another has

💜 Judgement is an emotion we have when we are hypercritical of ourselves

💜 We must get in touch with ourself, our life and our things to end feeling envy

💜 We must forgive ourself for “mistakes” to end judging ourself

💜 Once we get in touch with ourself and forgive ourself the negative emotional triggers we’re experiencing from others will go away and we won’t even need to self-sooth with food and alcohol

Steps to end envy:

1⃣️ Use the person’s life, body, things and experiences as your guide to visualize you living that life. You’re already thinking about this person, so you might as well use the thought in a constructive way! Do this for five minutes every day.

2⃣️ Get grateful for three items in every category of life you are feeling envious of. What you appreciate appreciates. Do this every day.

3⃣️ Use the universal law of ACTION. Do the things that will support your gratitude list. Like, not unloading your crappy work day on your lover or exercising just a little even if you are in physical pain.

Steps to end judgement:

1⃣️ Understand the degree in which you judge others is the degree in which you judge yourself

2⃣️ Know that you are part of Source Energy/God/Jesus/Universal Mind/Universe/Universal Intelligence and that being part of it doesn’t lend itself to self-judgement. Source Energy/God/Jesus/Universal Mind/Universe/Universal Intelligence is not watching you thinking about your mistakes saying, “wow, what a fuck up.”

3⃣️ Understand that every time you judge yourself you cut yourself off from Source Energy/God/Jesus/Universal Mind/Universe/Universal Intelligence

4⃣️ When you re-connect with Source Energy/God/Jesus/Universal Mind/Universe/Universal Intelligence by (little by little) ending self-judgement you won’t see things in others to be judged …and then, you won’t self-sooth with food and alcohol!


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