Denise Mend lives in Naramata BC Canada with her husband Paul. She has two grown kids 23 and 20. She loves to play in their back yard, SUP, hiking, running, skiing nordic and downhill. She’s been a Physiotherapist for 24 years in private practice. Travel, education, music and play are big part of her why. She’s been in our Growth-U community for just over a year. She is a functioning introvert stepping into leadership!

This is a #growthsexy episode where Lauren and a Growth-U friend talk all things growth mindset. We look at thoughts, habits and patterns objectively to learn, love and grow. Denise didn’t have one favorite “growth cycle” but rather a few nuggets from personal growth around her relationships with herself personally and professionally as well as her relationship with her husband.

Some takeaways from her episode:

💜When feeling stuck she asks herself, “What keeps me where I am, what do I need to move forward?”

💜Which means looking at, “what is the driver underneath this behavior?”

💜“What am I feeling & why am I feeling this way?”

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