If you listened to Holly’s episode on Tuesday and went to her website, you’ll find that she’s actually switched gears in her business and hollyjames.com is no longer up. I still want to go over some really cool concepts in her episode with you, especially if you are in the midst of an eating disorder or still have moments you need help interrupting an old obsessive pattern. In this episode I take you down road of two concepts you must understand first to then take 5 actions to end the obsession and disordered eating.

💣 Concept #1: disordered eating is an act of self-violence

📺 Concept #2: Our culture has programed us into thinking we are unworthy if we don’t a certain way, have a certain relationship or make a certain amount of money Then you can take action to heal the violence:

📊 Action #1: Assess the habit. When you’re overeating, restricting, binging, purging or abusing laxatives what are the emotions you’re feeling. Anger, sadness, loneliness, etc.

⚖️ Action #2: Use an emotional scale (google or subscribe to Love Letters at laurenherrera.com for today’s email) to find the opposite emotion you’re feeling. Evoke that feeling. You can evoke it in real life or imagining what makes you feel happy, connected and free. The good news is you don’t have to change your reality because your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s “real” and what’s imagined.

🙅🏽 Action #3: Create a pattern interrupt by changing your posture or physiology, listen to your favorite song, jump up and down, dance, exercise, walk, journal, get out of the house, office or restaurant to clear your head.

🔮 Action #4: Set outcomes for the day of how you want to feel and what you want to experience

🙃  Action #5: Turn your frown upside down by creating a gratitude list of all you have going for you. What you appreciate appreciates and by focusing on gratitude you instantly refute Concept #2 – our cultural programming that we aren’t good enough and what we have isn’t enough.

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