343: Lauren’s Mom: How to have resliency and non-victim mentality even when your life is being threatened


To say I am proud of my mom is an understatement. She slept over at my house this past weekend just for the fun of it. When we were at breakfast Sunday I asked her if she’d do a podcast with me about resiliency. 

She hesitated and didn’t actually give me a final answer for a few hours. I begged, pleaded….

People have heard my version of the story as a kid. You made it! You have to share how you got through it and how you were able to bounce back.

This of course is on the curtails of my livestream about #metoo.

It’s not that I don’t sympathize with people victimized by sexual assault, it’s that every week and probably even every hour there is a new alternate hashtag campaign to get upset about.

People are looking outside themselves for certainty to the point of paralysis and blameville in their own lives that is crushing them of their happiness, joy and abundance.

You can watch/listen to the livestream here

👩‍👧 My mom shared with us her story of having a stalker for 3 years. The advice she received from professionals, the things that happened to her and her one decision that put her in control of the situation…Taking responsibility for being in the relationship in the first place, that she was 50% of the problem!

In this episode she actually shares how:

🙅🏽 Not to be a victim
⚾️ and bounce up like ground ball (#resiliency)

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