After 8 months Lauren is back and she’s bringing all her friends! In this episode you’ll hear how herniated discs forced her to renew her mind! She takes you through the journey from start to finish and provides an overview of future podcasts (her lessons learned):

πŸ’œ Listening to her body

πŸ’œ Realizing relationships are a projection

πŸ’œ Understanding that conflict comes from the contrast of conscious and unconscious values

πŸ’œ Accepting the human condition

πŸ’œ Learning LOVE is what she’s attracted to & what feels good

πŸ’œ She’s lovable as is

πŸ’œ Emotional pain manifests into physical pain

πŸ’œ Trust

πŸ’œ Perseverance

πŸ’œ Enthusiasm by choice

πŸ’œ How to have an abundance mindset

πŸ’œ Faith

πŸ’œ Appreciation

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