340: Smash The Scale: Types of nutrition & fitness plans & how they fit individual lifestyles

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About Smash The Scale

Smash The Scale is a group program I started a few years ago in my gym, Pilates Barbell Club. It was all about smashing societal norms and our relationship of self-loathing or self-loving depending on if we liked the number we saw on the scale. Since it’s conception the meaning has evolved to also mean not measuring our self-worth by the number on the scale, the number in our jeans or the number in our bank account. Losing a gym and being totally broke shaped the last scale we smashed!

Now I think it’s pretty much in it’s full form. We are smashing the scale now by laying the foundation of a healthy mind so that we can stop numbing out with inactivity, too much activity and over or under eating. It seems we humans, especially women, have a unique knack in punishing our bodies because we think we aren’t good enough.

Good enough” is something we hear a lot these days, and I can speak from the heart on this one. When I was in high school I woke up my mom and through tears asked, “What do you love about me?” I don’t ever remember feeling lovable. Isn’t that weird? So no matter what diet or exercise program I dove into, they didn’t last because I was so unloving to myself that instead of taking care of the only true home I will ever had I abused it with too much or too little food, too many hours sleeping or pushing way to hard in the gym.

I don’t think I am the only who has felt this way even though I might be the only one who punished my body the exact way I did.

Diet and exercise are great ways to shape our physique and optimize the incredible machine we get to use throughout our lifetime, but if we hate ourselves or deem ourselves unworthy these tools will remain as abusive instruments or useless altogether (we don’t see success with a diet or exercise program).

This is the final episode of Love is a Verb action episodes that are dedicated to diving deep into mindset, nutrition and fitness through Smash. I can’t wait for you to explore several topics and insights in each episode as well as gather knowledge in each of the areas, you can always go back and listen to 334, 336 and 338!

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