200: Amanda Goldman-Petri: From abuse, drugs and near death accident Amanda rises to multiple entrepreneur, wife and mother

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Amanda Goldman-Petri is an internationally renowned “Work smarter, NOT HARDER”Online Marketing Coach, Speaker, And Expert. Armed with the perfect mix of extremely valuable content, compelling stories, and a happy-go-lucky, nerdy personality, Amanda’s presentations are fun, entertaining, and, most importantly, memorable. Because she believes in going “all in,” Amanda won’t simply sit by as you send her “free press.” Rather, she will become a powerful collaborator – someone who you can rely on to have her stuff together, to delivery quality, and to spread the word about the great work you will do together.

Mantra or quote near and dear to her heart

Turn your should into dids before times runs out!

In what way do you practice the most amount of self-love?


In what way do you struggle in giving yourself love?

Comparing myself against other people.

What has you most excited right now?

My awesome launch teaching people how to scale their business.

What was holding you back from loving yourself?

Allowing other people’s judgement fuel my own self-judgement.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

When my husband said he is default happy and that I should be too.

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