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I am so excited to see you here! The 14-day guide is a great place to start because in week one you will observe where you are, decide where you desire to be and make a plan to arrive at your destination.


Week two you will learn these new habits (the plan to get you where you desire to be) through repetition.


It's totally boring, but totally effective.


Once you fill in your name and email below you will get the pdf + weekly emails to keep you focused 16 full days.


I am here for you! This took me a life-time to learn, months to simmer and weeks to write...the contents is super-charged and ready to be devoured by you!


Get ready! You gotta whole new world about to open up to you!

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Lauren Lukacek 

Lauren is so dedicated to her clients and helping them achieve their goals. 

The work outs leave me feeling energized, but jello! I don't realize how challenging a work out is until the next day, because it's so darn fun while it's happening!

Keep up what you're doing Lauren!!!! You're kicking butt (especially mine) and motivating me to be strong, not skinny.

(Oh, and yes you are helping me achieve my goals, but I've also reassessed them and now know what is achievable and healthy vs. Unhealthy and temporary.)

Lauren Eaton

The concept is great - warm up and cool down with Pilates and in the middle do core and conditioning with weights.  I love the challenge and the sense of accomplishment.  

It is really amazing how everyone is rooting for each other and not being negative or looking down on someone who can't lift as much as they can. It pushes me to lift more.  

Danielle Henning

Yep, I'm addicted. Being a full member gives you access to life coaching, nutritional guidance and strength training you didn't even know you were capable of! I love it!

Tania Hahm 

Started a month ago and have lost 10 lbs and looking leaner. I see it in my abs and waist already.

Alyssa Vargas

HAPPY & STRONG is exactly how you will feel after a workout with Lauren! When I first started my goal was to get on the road to strength and fitness. The work outs and diet help have proven that PBC was the right place to start.

I have seen my waistline decrease and see that I actually have muscles! I love tracking my progress and the best feeling is realizing it outside of the gym. When suddenly day to day tasks and movements become less staining and your body is showing you how strong you have become!

Valerie Grover

Ive been working out with Lauren now for 6 months and I absolutely love it.  

Melissa Frownfelter

I am totally in love!

The food advice has been great too! Overall this is the best decision I have made in the fitness arena!

Quick results, my clothes fit better and I feel 100% more energy and overall just better!

Tammie Nguyen

I am proud to say I am able to do a 105 lbs dead lift, squat  and bench press at 70 lbs. I am only 4'10" and never thought I could built upper body strength, staying fit and most of all having all these energies to keep me going throughout the day, I loooooove it. We often hear people say "i workout to look good".

Well to all my Barbelles, I workout to feel good and to eat all the food I want 🙂

Barbie  P

It's not like a "boot camp" where they KILL YOU for you to think that you are getting results.  

How about something different that actually is fun to do.  Sign up with a couple of friends and have fun with it.  

The program goes like this:
You usually start with a couple of barbell lifts.  No, this does not make you bulky.  It helps tone and shape your muscles.  

Then you go into conditioning.  This is the fun part for me b/c you do all different kinds of conditioning that's fun:  Bungy run, tire flips, spaghetti ropes, kettlebells, wheel rows, sleds, etc. etc.  This is where it's fun b/c you don't even know that you are working out b/c it feels like a big obstacle course.

Then you end with some mat Pilates.

You should try it! You'll like it and want to stick with it.  It will feel like the workout you've been looking for all your life.

Gaby S

 I had lost a few pounds, significantly toned up, and felt much stronger. I had tried so many things in the past to lose weight and tone up, and nothing had worked until working with Lauren. A few months after that, I had lost 10 lbs, REALLY toned, and gained a great deal of strength. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Lauren is AMAZING!!! She's extremely attentive, respectful, and fun. She pushes you, as all trainers should, but also allows you to push yourself in order to grow personally. 

Cindy Holmes

I signed up in January for a 21-Day Fat Loss program with her where I was guaranteed to lose 10 lbs. in 3 weeks. I met that goal and have continued training with her.

I've now lost over 25 lbs. (in 4 months) and am more fit than I was 20+ years ago when I played sports in college.

I can bench press 80+ lbs., do 110 lb squats, and have lost several inches around my waist. I'm down 2 sizes.

Heide Szeto

Lauren is great! Another great thing is that Lauren had us keep log books.  I think this is a great idea since it allows clients to see how much they're progressing.  Lauren pushes you towards a higher goal each time.

Brianne Ernst

Lauren is Amazing! She is a great trainer and her method has really helped me tone up and slim down. She can help with nutrition, supplements, and exercise! Highly recommend this great combination of weight lifting and Pilates.

Jessica Mao

It is 80-90% all about weight-lifting and conditioning, which is AWESOME. At first I was actually a little bummed because I like Pilates, so two waist-line focused moves wasn't satisfying until Lauren explained her experience from Pilates-only to now a lifting champ! After hearing the benefits of lifting, Pilates is a mere cool-down/minor toning tool now that I still of course enjoy. Pure Pilates may give you a little bit of toning, but it doesn't give you STRENGTH, which believe it or not is what us women need! I've worked out for a long time: took Pilates, BodyPump at 24 Hour Fitness, personal training, etc. I also do a ton of cardio on the side, but PBC5X7® is truly a hidden gem revolutionizing the way I work out. What everyone is saying is true: I get such a high from doing just two barbell lifts in one session and the mixed bag conditioning circuit.

Lauren does an incredible job of personalizing the session for each person, while allowing us to bond with up to 3 other women pushing themselves towards their own goals. I like this soooo much better than personal training which is horribly expensive and often intimidating to go back to. Lauren has everything you want in a trainer: drill-sergeant strictness on form and technique (oh forreals, she is a stickler and will not budge. She catches every imperfection!), but she is also very bubbly and encouraging. I never feel bad when I am there because she makes me believe I can do it right. She won't give up on anyone!

Lastly, I just have to say I love the logbooks we each have. It is so easy to maintain each session, and the progress you track is amazing. Pretty soon, I will be benching as much as my guy friends, without the bulk 🙂 I've been here for just over a month and am definitely wanting to continue. 

Lynnette Ramirez

 I've gotten stronger, leaner and become a morning person. Lauren is a great trainer as she knows when to push you and when to remind you to listen to your body.

She's tough and kind making working out a personal, customized journey. I highly recommend the semi-private sessions.

Read Lynnette’s article in the HOLLYWOOD JOURNAL!


Google Review

I have been working out with Lauren for almost a year now. I started off slow only one time a week and then kick it into high gear last July. What a difference it has made!

I have toned up and slimmed down. I never saw myself lifting barbells, who knew it could be so fun! I have become so much stronger and therefore most of my back pain has gone away.

My posture has improved AND I am so much more flexible especially in my low back!

The workouts are not just lifting weights we do a lot of fun conditioning exercises as well. I highly recommend PBC5x7® to anyone who wants to become stronger, leaner, more flexible, and overall healthier!

Neghar Fonooni

I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren at the 2014 Radiance Retreat and her energy is just fabulous.

She helps women empower themselves through strength and has a passion for helping others improve that is almost palpable.

From her extensive education to her radiant smile, Lauren is a positive force in the fitness industry and is just an absolute joy to work with!

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