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Lauren Herrera is your down to earth, potty mouth, tell-it-like-it-is fitness & lifestyle coach that will always uplift your spirits and provide real-world ways to get results.

An entrepreneur since she was 15, captivating and hilarious speaker, life coach & brand development expert, Lauren’s genius is helping women remember the fullness of who they are, let go of limiting beliefs and become their next level.

Lauren is the host of the worldwide podcast, Love is a Verb and Program Coordinator of Growth-U.

Her coaching and speaking teach women how to physically transform, letting go of binge eating and perfectionist tendencies  to lead a fit  and happy lifestyle with ease.

Lauren collects mindset hacks from religion, spirituality, physics and psychology to help any woman make the ambiguous “mindset shift.”

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When I started personal development (2006) I got so annoyed with “spiritual people” who told inspirational story after inspirational story AND who never really ACTED in the material world. Newsflash: we are in the material world and we GET TO CREATE the life and body we want. So yes, eat and pray (meditate/journal/envision) but also GET TO FUCKING WORK and put into action all the sheesh you’re putting in your vortex and on dream board. Let's do this!

Latest Episode

Love is a Verb

396: Kelly Smith: The PHYSICAL, MENTAL and EMOTIONAL body (and how to love all three)

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395: How EXTERNAL MOTIVATION derails your weight loss results and how to craft INTERNAL MOTIVATION to master your results

Join us at Get even more from Love is a Verb podcast at Cool Stuff here ??????  Check out this episode!

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